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Still Lifes

If you can find the world in a grain of sand, then a pebble from the same beach is like a whole new planet. Open up a pomegranate and look inside, beware!.. it's another dimension in there.

And what about the cabbage. Don't talk to me about cabbages. They're so much more than just vegetables, peel back the layers of this humble brassica and you could lose yourself forever!


It's surprising how much flowers move. They open and close, they turn to follow the light and they continue to grow. And of course they decay, so you need to work quite quickly and get everything done before the petals all drop off. It's natures way of telling you the picture is finished.

You do feel a sense of achievement after having finished a piece of work, but it is short-lived. It is soon replaced by dissatisfaction and the nagging thought "I can do better than this! ".


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"Don’t talk to me about cabbages. They’re so much more than just vegetables"
Andrew Wood


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